Looking for a vertex color addon

Hi, I am working on a lightweight videogame project and am using vertex color instead of texturing and lighting (and everything has to be packed in a single vertex color value)

I was looking for a tool as my vertex color values can get really complex (by mixing colours and shading at the same time) and found this old plugin “Vertex Color Mixer Node Tree” which allowed to overwrite one vertex color channel by using multiple, this would indeed be a need for my coloring pipeline as I could even make color correction on my work.

The website is sadly down as the download link.
I have contacted the maker of the plugin and am waiting for an answer.

I was wondering if someone knows a similar plugin for vertex colors (layering and color correction are actually the two features I need the most)
Or if the original license of the plugin allows it if someone has a copy of the plugin.


Maybe this one, which is pretty awesome.

Hi, I’m the author of the addon mentioned above. I’m still working on the final 2.80 release version, but the latest version linked in the thread supports more or less all the functionality I am planning to add for the time being. The next release has a pie menu that makes accessing a few features of the addon, as well as a couple of Blender built-in features a little more convenient. I will try and get it out by the weekend. I may also backport the pie menu to the 2.79 version if it turns out enough people are using it.

Key features of the addon that might be good for your workflow:

  • RGBA channel isolation so you can work easily on one channel at a time
  • Data transfer (copy or swap) between channels with several supported blend modes

It doesn’t support photoshop style layers, but feel free to submit feature requests in the addon thread and I’ll see if I can implement them.

This node tree addon looks quite interesting. I could look into adding similar functionality to VCM.

Thanks for the replies!
Yeah the plugin I mentioned is nice for the endless mixture of functionalities, I will try indeed your plugin and give feedback if I notice some workflow patterns that may be too tweaky.
For what I need non destructive blending systems should be enough (just destructing one single channel)
Thanks, i’ll keep you updated.