Looking for a volunteering animator for a character in a Dead By Daylight Chapter Trailer

I’m Rarithlynx, one of the core founding members of the Dead By Daylight Community Concept Team. Together, we have worked on multiple ‘chapter concepts’ based on the hit horror game Dead By Daylight.

Our work involves recreating the base of the original game in another game engine to allow complete freedom, and implement any kind of content into it whatsoever. This way, we’re able to add any licensed character or map from any franchise that people would’ve liked to see in the real game, both survivors as well as killers.

To see the work we’ve done so far, check out the Dead By Daylight playlist of my channel.

The concept that we are currently working on is a Spotlight Trailer for Slenderman which has been teased in our latest DBD video. We have almost everything we need, except for animations for the killer itself, the Slenderman.

While typically potrayed as motionless and still in most media, this would not work in Dead By Daylight, which is why we need the character to be animated. Though, the animations for him would be very basic and subtle in order to maintain Slenderman’s ‘less animated’ vibe.

The animations we need are as follows:

  • An idle animation that only involves the tentacles moving around
  • A subtle walk cycle that only involves (slight) leg movement and the same tentacle movement
  • An attack animation that only involves the tentacles doing sort of a ‘strike’ forward and returning
  • A ‘pick up item’ animation using Slenderman’s hand

We need these animations in both first person and third person perspectives, so these would be 8 animations in total, although they’re all really short and fairly simple as long as you can handle animating tentacles (I believe it becomes much easier with IK rigs?).

Unfortunately we cannot offer money in return for this work, as we don’t really have a budget and our videos are strictly non-profit. However they do tend to a reach high view count, and we always include our volunteers at the ending credits, description, and sometimes mention them in a pinned comment as a special thanks of sorts, which I probably would do in this situation as we desperately need a decent animator and have had to delay the project for months now due to the lack of one.

If you’re interested in helping us out, send me a DM with some way of contacting you like Discord (unless you’d prefer to just stick to DMs here), and we’ll discuss further details there. Or if you’re unable to send DMs yourself like me, leave a reply and share it here if you can.