Looking for a way create an info-overlay for my renders (still and animation)

I am looking for a way, to put information on my renders about the render settings that I used for that specific render. For example… When my render is done, and I open the image. I want to see what sample size I used, what dimension, what rendertime it took etc etc… Preferably as a s small overlay on the image it self.

This way I can compare all my test settings later.

I’d be great if i could automatically bake the settings into the image with an overlay… but if thats not possible… i can just input the settings I used in an overlay or something. But I wouldnt know the best way to create this overlay (especially for animations, where I just want it to overlay the animation (not follow the camera) Can anybody tell me how to create an overlay for text that doesnt follow the camera movement?

You can tick Note option for meta data. Any text written there will render as overlay on final image. And since its property you can set value trough Python.

Example code:
bpy.context.scene.render.stamp_note_text = “Any info goes here”

that’s exactly what I am looking for…thank you!

Is there anyway add samples size and dimension automatically to this info? In stead of typing it manually?

Yes, you can read any property with Python in Blender. Example:

Hover over property for Python value.

Im new at this and never worked with Python

If im not mistaken… i can read the property of the value i want to add in python, like your example…

But how do I implement this in the the metadata menu? Should I paste that code in the ‘note’ field?

You can create python script which would do all work for you and then you can execute that script. Script would run and for example change some properties and render image.

ok but I would have an idea on how to do that hahaha… sorry.

I guess ill just add the info manually for now

Heres simplest example.

import bpy

# read number of samples as int
samp = bpy.data.scenes["Scene"].cycles.samples

# create note as string and write to overlay
note = str(samp)
bpy.data.scenes["Scene"].render.stamp_note_text = note

# render scene
  • Open Blender, create text file and add this code
  • Make sure meta data are set correctly as on pic
  • Hit “Run script”

ok that doesnt even look that difficult haha

Ill try that and get back to you if i didnt succeed

many thanks for your help, and have great sunday

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Ok I got this to work, but im still figuring out how to add more variables to this script

For example, if I want to add the dimensions of the frame to the ‘note’ part, by running the script… What info do I need to add to the script? I can see the python properties when I hover over the dimensions, but do i just copy past that into the script? Or do i need to add/change it in order to make it work? Cause Im getting an error if i just paste into the text file (of course)