Looking for a way to increase anti-aliasing quality on Line Art renderer

ello world -

I am doing a render with a goal of a high tech diagram look - so I am using the LineArt toon outline shader which work well. This is on top a pretty simple white GI scene, and looks good.

I am not satisfied with the AA quality on the LineArt toon lines. No setting gets them to be well anti-aliased. Setting the Grease Pencil Anti Aliasing Threshold to .0000001 or even zero does not seem to have any effect.

Cranking the overall scene settings way higher than they need to be for the lit part of my scene to look OK before the toon gets drawn on top also has no quality improvement to the toon lines, and only slows down the render underneath, which serves no purpose.

Is there some way to force higher oversampling on just the toon lines?

You have to increase the value: