Looking for a way to model these knifes.

I’ve been trying over and over to model these 2 combat knifes with only quads (since i want to use subsurf) but i just can’t get them right.

Can you show us what you’ve tried so we can suggest improvements?

Modelling hard surfaces with quads only is a nice mental exercise, but has no place in production work. Put your triangles or ngons in the flat areas and just get on with it. Subsurf won’t mind.


This is what i have so far,still very rough.


Knifes.blend (515 KB)

If this for a game then you have to subsurf friendly model it but if it is for some other application I would suggest that the blade be explicitly modeled and left unsubsurfed, and only the handle be SSed.

In the explicit case I suggest you use the looptools addon ‘flatten’ and I suppose the knife tool would be just so very appropriate!

Model with Ngons first and make them quads and tris later if you have to.

Also if you are going to use SS and a mirror mod always put the mirror above the SS in the stack, and for something this precise the view and render ss levels should be the same to avoid later surprises.

I agree that you should not get a headache in trying to go full quad , it’s the final result that is mattering, so if despite the presence of triangles you’re satisfied with how it looks if you subsurf it’s all that is mattering.
Depending on what you are aiming for, you can even get away with having ngons, as long as you have them only on flat surface and surrounded by support edges to avoid some nasty deformation with the subsurf

I gave a try with the blade of the 2nd knife, i used background image so i rotated the knife blade in gimp, the picture i used is there :

I made a simple topology, didn’t tried to go complicated, and then added the detail where i needed with adding loop cuts (CTRL+R) , using the I (nset) function, helped where i needed with the K (nife) too in order to get some support edges the way i wanted to influence the subsurf modifier etc … and moved vertices where i noticed a problem

remember it is important that you do not overcomplicate your mesh if you want to work with subsurf, as the more geometry you add, the harder it will be when you’ll need to adjust and fix problem with the shading,
So don’t get your base work too hard to work with as adding loop cuts and cutting more support edge will already make the mesh more complex.

without subsurf :

with it :

Some things i could have done better, but it should give you the idea.


testknify.blend (85.1 KB)

Awesome,thanks for the help.

I’ll give it a go again.

If it can help more, here’s the base shape i made form the background image :

After that it was all loop cuts, knife , insets , moving vertices, etc to build it more, but as you see the base is rather simple, 25 faces (2 of them being triangles at the very bottom)