Looking for a weapon modeller/coder for Arma 3

Hello everyone,

As a vivid Arma player I can’t tell you how frustrating it sometimes can be to have content lacking for certain stuff me and my friends like. Thankfully enough Arma allows user-generated mods. I am looking for someone that is willing to create 3D models of some weapons (http://www.coltcanada.com/images/c7c8loaw-lsview.png). Because a 3D model is not immediately a working weapon it would be nice if you have experience (or would be willing to gain this) in creating working Arma 3 weapons (ballistics, incorporating existing animations, etc.). If you’re willing to do so, I can provide you with documentation on this. Be aware that this last part is not a prerequisite, but it would be preferred.

  • The project

This actually started out as an hobby-project from me and some friends of mine. I am a mission scripter in Arma 3 and we were looking to create a fun, open yet challenging Arma 3 mission. The mission is all done, but we’re missing the content that me and my friends like most: the Dutch.

  • What do we want?

Armies use a wide range of weapons; so do the Dutch. The above link goes to three weapon models which we would like to see most. The Colt C7 NLD, C8 NLD and C7 LOAW NLD. Arma 3 is a military simulator, and stuff looks realistic. So should the models be. Arma 3 doesn’t use the best engine, so there is a poly-limit (unsure of what exactly it is though), but weapons still have high-quality standards. Again, I can provide you with documentation on this. Because Arma 3 is realistic, we want our weapons to be realistic. That means no improvised parts, lengths or whatsoever. On the Colt website as well as Wikipedia is plenty of information of how long the weapon or certain parts should be. Weapon scopes will not be included in these models, certain attachments on weapons might.

If we’re satisfied with the content you deliver (we have certain standards in mind, but we are certainly not terrible people that will make you redo everything the whole time), we will ask you to create more weapons for us. Wether you’re willing to do this or not is completely up to you, just keep it in mind.

  • What’s in it for you?

​I realise that above request is a lot of work, especially if you’re willing to pick up the coding and converting to Arma 3 weapons part. Although I am not able to pay you on a per-hour-rate, this doesn’t mean I am not willing to compensate for the work you’re doing for me. Just let me know what you think would be a fair price for what you’re making, I am certain we can come to an agreement. Most perfect for me would be a fixed price per model with set rules for what is going to be delivered. That way you don’t have to work outside of what you agreed to deliver, and I can make sure I get what we agreed upon. Furthermore: credits where credits are due, so you will receive all credits for creating said models, with references to your personal or professional profile if you want. You can keep the rights to your products, as long as this includes us using the weapons in Arma 3 or creating working weapons from your 3D models.

I am new here, so I hope this post can provide you with the information you need to at least consider doing this. If so or if you need more information, feel free to react in this topic or send me a DM. Keep in mind that we will not be pushing you to deliver your content quickly, it’s a hobby project for me and I want it to be a fun project for you too.

I sent you a PM, get back to me if you are interested.

I’d like to give this a shot, I’ve sent you a PM. If you are interested please let me know.