looking for add-ons to do certain loop / ring / mesh operations (diagrams included)

Yo. I’m switching from 3ds Max to Blender. As I’m getting my bearings, I’m finding stuff I like which Blender does better, but I’m also making a list of things I miss from Max, which were either built into Max or available as add-ons. For Blender, I’ve found add-ons for some of the missing stuff, but not for everything. For the missing stuff, if I find something similar and if the code is easy enough for me to edit to do what I want, I do that. But for more complex stuff that’s way over my head, I want to find existing add-ons that work well out of the box. I made some mockups of some of the main things I’m missing so far. If you guys see something here and know of an add-on that can do it, or if Blender can even do it natively, please let me know. Thanks!

Loop and ring selection ops:
From what I can tell, ops A and B on here were once-functioning parts of the built-in Blender add-on “Edit Tools 2” (once enabled, in edge mode, open up the 3D viewport Select menu > Select by Edge submenu), but the relevant stuff is broken in 2.79. The guy who coded those originally, dustractor, has some newer stuff on github, but it’s only for op A, and unfortunately it has some weird behavior and it’s sometimes buggy, making a total mess, so I’m hoping there’s something better out there.

Loop and ring selection-shifting ops:

Extend borders (aka, normal-extrude edges):
:ba: FOUND: in 2.79 onwards, enable the Mesh: Edit Tools 2 built-in add-on. The tool is called Offset Edges, and by default it’s found in the Specials menu > Edit Tools > Offset Edges.

Man, this thread is hoppin’

All right, a couple more things I’m looking for, no diagrams this time. As usual, I’ve Googled these, couldn’t find anything.

  • Lock selection: say you’ve got some objects or sub-objects selected, and you want to do a series of transforms or whatever, but don’t want to accidentally de-select your geo or select something else. It’d be nice to be able to toggle a selection lock, like Max lets you do.
  • “Release confirms” uses previous transform constraints: the setting in Preferences > Editing tab > “Release confirms” is useful. Max has similar functionality, but it makes modeling even faster by making use of the most recently-used constraint. For example, if you moved a vertex along the X-axis in your previous transform, clicking and dragging on a new vertex will by default also move it along the X-axis only, without you having to manually set the constraint. It’s a small thing, but it really speeds up modeling.
  • Constrain vertex scaling/rotation to edges: Blender already lets you move selected vertices along existing edges by hitting G twice, but this only works for moving verts, not for scaling or rotating them. Max lets you constrain transforms for scaling and rotation too. Very useful.