Looking for advanced(?) tutorials for creating materials and VFX in Blender

Hi everybody, I have been thinking for a while that my knowledge of materials is very limited. I mostly work with Unity, Blender and Substance Painter and I very rarely go beyond the principle BSDF in blender and just standard PBR shaders in other software. I understand the basic theory around PBR but I would like to go deeper into materials with the shader editor.

I havent experimented with anisotropic, clear coats, sheen, fresnel (beyond the PBSDF), refraction, dispersion… Only with a very recent project I have used the Principled Volume shader for the first time. I would like to start to understand all these properties ( little by little) but it has been a bit hard to find good tutorials, I either find very advanced or very beginner tutorials.

Also I have seen some amazing shader uses for animation like the VFX made by Erisdraw3D on twitter or the use of masks to change the colors of the fur in “Tiger” by Daniel Bystedt.


Tiger - Blender 2.8 Eevee development test

Can you guys point me towards tutorials (regardless of the format of these) to start to learn about these things? Again I am not so much concerned about creating textures but materials and animated materials.

Thanks a lot beforehand!