Looking for Advice: Low- Budget Tablet Compatibility (MacOS)

Hello! I’ve been working in Blender for a few weeks, and am learning to create painted textures. I’ve realized that I need a tablet, but can only afford something in the VERY entry-level range ($30-$60). I know this isn’t optimal, but it’s what I’ve got to work with:)

I’m wondering whether anybody has experience with the XP-Pen StarG640, XP-Pen G430S, or the Huion Inspiroy H640P. I’m having trouble finding out whether these will give me baseline pressure sensitivity with Blender.

To anyone with experience with/knowledge of these tablets: will you please let me know whether they’d give me the baseline functionality I need for texture painting? If not, is there something in my range (I know…it’s not great) that might work? Thank you so much<3

An important thing is that you mention the operating system that you use. For Windows, simply search for reviews and choose the one you like best. It will work fine (personally I would choose between Wacom or XP-pen only).
For Linux, some Wacom intuos is good. If you use a new distro with KDE environment, possibly it comes with GUI to configure your graphics tablet from system preferences.
I’ve read that XP-pen is also developing Linux drivers on some of its models, but I’m not sure how far along it is.

Thanks! I’ll add it to the post & title. I’m currently working with MacOS, but will be using windows soon.

I’ve read similar things about XP-pen & Wacom. I’ll focus on those!