looking for advice

Hey all Im new to drawing classes not drawing Ive been drawing, not seriously but here and there for adout a year now and I just finished a new piece for AP Drawing Ive never really taken a drawing class before so im not what you’d call experenced but I believe im decent.

I need help on this drawing I “completed” about a week ago It dosent look right and I cant put my finger on it I used a photograph for reference on the hand and the reflection and I rendered a picture for the door knob. your comments would be much appreciated.



The vains are too highlighted. You can make them more blend into the hand.

I see what you mean I drew the hand from a reference and the drawing looks almost exactly like the ref but I dont think it fits with the background Ill give it a try.

Edit: I took it in to photoshop and dropped the brightness and sofened the highlights


Now make the door background darker or more blurry. No need to keep everything as sharp or you get lost. The hand is now almost blending into the door handle

I think it’s mainly a question of your value range. The drawing is good, but there isn’t enough contrast in the image to make it pop. I did a quick levels adjustment just to show some really basic improvement, but with a bit more work you could really add some depth.


wow that looks magnificent thanx ben Ill play with it a bit more.