Looking For An Addon Dev For A Small Concept

Hello developer,

I’m Jonathan, a maker who is quite new to the blender world but loves all the creative possibilities that are available in it. I run a small youtube channel called Maker Tales where I’m sharing my maker journey with the hopes of teaching and inspiring others in theirs.

The addon I’m looking to get developed is from my “understanding” quite simple to make.
I’m looking to make blender much easier for the laser cutting community.

I have 2 addon concepts ( A & B ) I have a feeling A is easier to achieve.

Concept (A)
3D objects all laid out with the outline that I would want to capture for laser cutting facing upwards on the Z-axis.
Using a camera or whatever means you think is best, capturing the outline of all selected objects via an orthographic view and exporting a vector format file ie. .svg or .dxf Preferably with the correct scaling.

Concept (B)
Along the same lines as concept (a) except, some or all the 3D objects are not laid out, and you have the option to select all the faces you would like to export the outline of.

Being perfectly honest and frank here. I don’t have huge funds for this passion project/idea.
Following the community spirit of Blender, my plans are to make this addon completely open for anyone and everyone who is interested in it to be able to use it.

I don’t think it would be fair to request a deadline but it would be amazing to have it by the end of March.

Please feel free to reply or PM me if you are interested.

Thanks for you time.


Hi @MakerTales

I Can help

please reach me out through SKype : cis.am3 or email me at [email protected]