Looking for an alternative to weight painting this model

I am new to blender and need help setting the hairs straight.

I have rigged this spider model so that the body and legs can be animated and I want the meshes for the hairs to deform with the movements of the body, but adding automatic/enveloped weights to the hair meshes isn’t working.

I would weight paint it but there are so many hairs that my CPU is running slow (even though 8c 16th) is there any alternative method instead of weight painting in this scenario?

Blender file : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OAkNdvascNkRIU319BLHiHBlDVyZEDh4/view?usp=sharing

Just an idea… If you adjust this your computer will not have to deal with all the hairs until it renders.

Thank you for the suggestion, I should have better specified in the post that the hairs on the spiders body are composed of multiple meshes and not particle properties.

I don’t know why your are trying to use all the meshes for hair but your vertices are in excess of 1.5 million. Unless you have access to something like Watson, you will not animate this at all. I would suggest two options. First get rid of the mesh hairs you have and

  1. use material with a bump map like games do to fake hair on the model.
  2. use a particle system system which will make it much easier to do.

Your spider is about 25,000 plus vertices which is doable for Blender but much too high for a game IMHO. I don’t know what finished project is for the model. If it is for a game then you probably need to consider reducing the vertices in the model as well.

Don’t want to see you wasting your time on a project that is not feasible at the end.

If your just using this for a finished image, then it might work if you put it all together as one and used other tools to pose it (like proportional editing and pose tools in sculpting).

Also you didn’t say how big your machine is. It makes a huge difference for animation because you need to move around all the vertices. Not so much for sculpting and it does make a difference for rendering as well. All that to consider. I believe the recommendation on Blender now is 32 Gig https://sysrqmts.com/games/blender and an I3.

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