Looking for an Animation Artist for a small Project

Dear Community,

I have a small college project i’m working on and I’m looking for an animator who can create a short illustration video using Blender. The project is “Slope Stability”, The animator’s task is to create an animation showing a section of a highway with a slope on its side (Right Side) I will be providing the coordinates of the slope. Here are some pictures http://img.techpowerup.org/150512/Capture192.jpg . The video will be very short, somewhere around 10-20seconds. More details will be given when i find one, I would like to read your offers for this project.

Thank you.

Hi iMalik, I’m interested in this project, and I sent a PM with more information about my services.


Hello there and welcome to ba.org!!!

I’m not really sure what you are looking for.

Are you looking for an animation of a 2d drawing as you’ve posted? Or a 3d animation? A simple 2d line drawing animation?

A little bit more information might be helpful


Thank you all for your PMs and replies. the project has been assigned to a designer. Results will come in 2 days, if he couldn’t do it i will pm you back. Thanks