Looking for an animator to help make a game well in the works

Our team have been working on a project called “RisingStorm”. Its a 3D remake of an old 1997 game called Netstorm. We have been working on it for just over a year now and have put together a working playable game. Check out our website, www.risingstormhq.com to see our artwork and videos we have made. Multiplayer is functioning well and the major parts of the game and working well.

Currently our team consists of Me (I make the menus and GUI), Feng (awesome skinner and modeller), Biss (Project manager and 3D modeller), Duhprey (master coder), James (music guy), mystery X (skinner), Roach (animator), Zygo (3D modeller).

Risingstorm once finished will be an epic multiplayer game for everyone. Based on players controlling a High Priest who leads its Island tribe of Nimbians in the hazardous skies of stormy Nimbus, players must choose which Fury (God) to align themselves with and capture enemy High Priests and sacrifice the enemy on their altars to their aligned Fury. A real time strategy that requires speed, skill and tactics beyond measure, players will compete to sacrifice one another in battle for the Furies’ favor to gain spells to strengthen their priests. Every multiplayer game will also have a small percentage of a special item appearing for the winner, sacred spells, items, equipment and storm crystals that will better aid your High Priest. Players will be able to customize their High Priest’s equipment, gain new units, spells, power, and rewards beyond imagination.

Though everything is running pretty well atm, one of our animators is too busy to work on the project at the moment. Hence we are looking for a 3D animator to help rig some of our 3D models. Skinning is also an added bonus if you can skin. We are using the Unity engine for the game and most of the models are being made in blender. If you are interested in helping contact me via our website or post here.


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Homepage: http://risingstormhq.com/news.php

Great - I’ll check it out.

Thanks for that :slight_smile: As you can see we are still in alpha stage, though multiplayer games like this one are possible. This game is a remake of the 1997 netstorm game. There will be a lot more different units in the game - workshops and spells for your priest too. We have finished off another 8 or so units but just havent added them into the game yet as our coder has been working on “island ownership” and now hes working on AI. We still need an animator to help tweak some of the units firing mechanisms and we just recently completed a male and female priest 3d model that needs skinning and a golem model that needs skinning and animation rigging. As we are looking to make priest’s customizable in the clothing and equipment he/she wears we have a modeller at a the moment using blender to design helmets, staffs, etc.

If you are interested in helping out and can rig models and animate them, even another skinner would be nice, that would be great.