Looking for an anime-styled shader


I’m looking for a Blender 2.8 shader to bake textures with. I’m looking for toon shading

Hi. When you say you need to “bake” I would like to think you´re referring to “project” the texture from those syles. (Think texture projection) Which in turn require you to draw and (artistically) paint your 3d model, and then project it using camera projection (and using your 2d flat paint) to project onto your object.

If I´m mistaken and that´s not the case, could you please elaborate on what you mean to achieve by (baking) an already flat color?
Shaders for toon animation look better when composited (different passes). Like this (push play, it will jump to time):

Are you using cycles? if you´re using cycles, all you need to do is to search for “baking a texture in cycles in blender” on youtube and you´re setup. I see your shader tree working normally.

Like this?

oh bummer! I thought you were the author of the graphic posts. Ok, you´re just referencing what you want with the .gif material and the .gif setup for the shader. Actually it is very easy. I could lead you, but like burning mentions, you could start looking into the ToonKit.

It’s hard to tell. I’m not looking for hard-shadows/cell shading/cartoony shadow at all. I’m not quite sure if it’s worth buying and then if it’s possible to try to tweak it to achieve the same illustrated-type shading like in the photos I posted

Well, at least you know what’s the best for you :wink: Keep on looking or finish the study :slight_smile:

Oh, and then there’s also LANPR version

Here are some links to shaders and models. Eevee and some cycles.

1 free 1 paid

Characters and Hair Shader… blender 2.79

Toon Shader v3 Free

Comic-verse Shader

Toon Shaders

Version 5 available.


Hope this might help.