Looking for an Architecture Advice

Hi folks! If you were to give me advices to make exteriors what would they be? :blush:

When i try to render cities, or just plain terrain it always looks too small or boring.

What would be some keys to good exteriors? lighting? detail? space?
i know is something pretty extense, but hey, anything is welcome, even if something mundane… just looking for some rules to check :heart:

You need to be a little more specific.

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That’s the kind of answer i was afraid of :joy:

I’ll update the post with some examples

That’s usually because it lacks detail. Detail comes (partly) from lack of repetition. Repetition comes from using the same things over and over to cut down workload/memory resources. So you have to work to make things that look different. It only comes with time and persistence… and experience with the tools and methods available to you.

Also, I found that my early attempts with Blender lacked proper lighting and material settings (I’m still not very good with texturing so I barely use them). Then I started using Cycles and nodes and paying attention to how the pros light their scenes, and everything became so much more appealing when rendered.

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That’s much better! some inspiration. Thanks bro :heart:
I’ll try some serious renders just meow, i mean, now!

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