Looking for an artist for "voxel textures" & a few animations


We are a game development company from Germany and are looking for a freelance artist for textures and a couple animations for voxel models for our game Cube Universe.

Scope, budget & deadline:
We need about 20 textures, (mainly) for different character models and their clothes (armor etc.). and a spell casting animation for 6 characters (already rigged and animated in Blender, needs to use the same skeleton). More details can be found here.
The budget is max. $750.
We would need the finished textures and animations within 2-3 weeks (i.e. before the end of May).
We would likely have more work for you once the next update for the game is released.

Required skills:

  • Experience with texturing for games
  • Experience with animation
  • Good knowledge of the English or German language

Optional skills:

  • Experience with voxel models
  • Experience with pixel art

Technical details
We are using a custom editor and engine to create the voxel models. You can manually apply textures to (multiple) voxels and it can automatically generate a texture (example: wolf). Each visible voxel face has 4x4 pixels of the texture assigned to it, which adds more detail than just flat colors per voxel.
For each texture (“base texture”), there can be a “data texture” for enabling custom colors and a custom color texture (“CCT”) that uses the difference to grey (#7F7F7F) to determine the color (i.e. final color = custom color (chosen by player) + color from CCT - #7F7F7F) plus the alpha channel for blending. Both share the UV coords with the base texture.
You need to have a Windows PC because you’ll need to use said editor to view the textures on the model and to make the clothes.

Feel free to contact us via Discord (Beosar#8149) or email ([email protected]).


this looks intresting

can we see an example of the art-style ,? i cant seem to understand the colored wolfs !!!

The art style is something like minecraft? i can help, i dont have too much experience with that kind of textures, but seems pretty simple task to do.

Here’s my sketchfab profile, if you like my style pm me.

The colors are only there to help you identify the sides, they need to be replaced with the actual texture.
There are not a lot of examples of the art style, but you can look at the (old) screenshots on the store page to get an idea.

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ok i see !!