Looking for an artist to model characters

Hello everyone ! This is the first time I ever post on this site and I hope I’m going to find some help ! I should say : I’m franch, so I make some mistakes talking in english, please excuse me.

So, as the title says, I’m looking for an artist to model some characters. Actually, I’m a writer, so I don’t know how to model and it would be counterproductive for me. But, even if I won’t use 3D characters in a video game, I could really use a model to describe those characters, to draw them, to show them to the persons who read.

So, for now, the only way I found to do something like is to use the Sims because it gives great possibilities to do so. But, I’m not satisfied a hundred percent, plus, I would like to have more choice. Thereof, I’m looking for an artist who could model a character for me (which is almost done, if you now what I mean compared to what I said earlier).

Thank you and I really hope for an answer !

How detailed 3D models are we talking about? Realistic or more stylish?

If i find it too difficult to model, i would happily draw something for you so you can show them forward to someone more talented :slight_smile:

Also, have you tried Makehuman? you can make human models with it and it’s free. Then theres Fuse wich is free in steam, though i haven’t tried it myself…

Thank you for your reply !

Actually, I found something. I used the game Sims to create some models (as you can imagine they’re note perfect but that’s ok to me) and now that I got those, I would like to change what I asked : could you, using those models, draw artworks ? Of course, if you agree you can do that whenever you want, there’s no hurry.

What do you mean with “artwork”? Like book’s cover art or something? If you only want character concept art like turnarounds, i can do those, i’m just not sure if i’m skilled enough to do things like cover art, let alone be ready to do those for free.

If you want only character sheet-type of thing, i can draw do them for you, depending if i’m good enough for your taste.

If this will do, send me a private message on what exactly you want, meaning the pictures of characters you’ve done in Sims and what you want to change in them. Or you can just PM me your email so exchange can happen faster.