Looking for an Artist with Modeling & UV Mapping skills (Commission)

Before you start reading, this is a Commission-Based Pay.

Hello, there!

You are working for a company which produces 3D models to clients in a gaming platform. This company produces mesh products that’ll be sold publicly.

Artists Required: 0
We are planning on increasing this once the plan works out perfectly.

This is a company (quite confusing as it’s a company in an online platform called Roblox). Currently, AviaRay has 2 Founders in each both are developers in Roblox. My fellow mate, Sicken_L (his in-game username) does most of the programming and scripting job from Discord bots to Roblox advanced scripting. A total of 3 members, including me, are working in the company. The other person is a builder which develops Roblox’s assets for the clients.

Job Title

We are looking for an artist with experience in modelling commercial aircraft and other mesh that are related to the aviation industry (aircraft) and UV mapping skills. This job doesn’t have any deadline as you’ll be required to work with us for at least 6 months. No due will be given for each mesh you make as we want this job to be easy, efficient and convenient for you. Just give us a notification on you needing more time and we’ll be happy to accept it! As long as the clients are notified, everything will be smooth and comfortable as we have to remain transparent in the company.

Job Description

What will you be doing? In the job, as mentioned, you’ll be producing mesh products for our clients in which it will be imported into the Roblox platform for additional modification (scripting, animating, UI designing, etc). To maintain contact, you’ll be added into our company’s Discord server. In there, you’ll have to showcase the development to attract more clients and get them hyped up!


This is a commission-based pay job that you’ll be working with. All sales are in Robux and that we’ll be converting them into USD to pay you. You’ll be paid with 80% of the sales earnt from the assets you make. Meaning, the more assets you make, the more money you’ll be paid. Wondering why we’re taking 20% of it? It is due to the additional tasks that we’re required to do. The system of importing into the platform, having to make a UI and designing it for certain products like vehicles, animating it with Roblox’s system and delivering the products to the client itself. In summary, this is a fair on a pay as we’re required to advertise the marketplace to the community in the game with the robux earnt.

  • A spreadsheet will be provided twice every month for sales’ revenue.
  • Payment will be paid via PayPal/ Credit Card or any preferred methods.
  • For aircraft, clients will have an option to pay for the livery or not. If wanted, the client will have to pay an additional fee.

Interested? Send me your past work and details about you. :smiley:
Email: [email protected]

hello i have sent you a message please check it out. Regards Chris.