Looking for an author for 3D modeling blog


We are looking for a professional 3D artist for our blog. If you are willing to write articles on 3D modeling, please get in touch.

We pay $75 per 1,000 words via PayPal.

An example of topics on which it is suggested to write articles:

  • Is Blender Hard To Learn?
  • 3D Animation vs 2D Animation - What is The Difference?
  • Creating 3D Models for Interior Design - How To
  • 10 Best Reference Images Souces for 3D modeilng
  • 3D Modelling in Product Design - Best Practices
  • Why Use Rendering in Interior Design?
  • Is Unity Hard To Learn?

For each article, you’ll need to create images in your workspace (screenshots of the workflow). On average about 5 images per article.

If you are interested, please, send me a PM.


We are still looking for an author. If you have no experience in writing articles, please be prepared to write a 500-700 word test article. The article will be paid for if it suits us in terms of quality. For examples of articles that are suitable for us in terms of quality and any other questions, please PM.