Looking for an automatic way for adding edge-loops

Hi all,
I want a set of smooth-shaded meshes to have a “frame” (i’d call it so…) of edge-loops around all the groups of connected faces with the same normal, so that I could get rid of the ugly visuals that smooth-shading gives without having to add an edge-split (I prefear to keep the vertices count as low as possible and I found adding the frame of edge-loops as said above saves a good number of them).
I could do it manually but it would require huge amount of work… also I would want to experiment with different settings so I’d prefear having these edge-loops as not-permanent, like they’re the effect of a modifier (sorry, i’m new to blender, don’t know how to express the concept more correctly), that can be added and removed anytime… or maybe just a way to add them with few clicks without having to manually create one after another.

So perhaps there’s a plugin out there that could be of help and that I’ve missed… couldn’t be? Or maybe something hat’s already present in blender, that I missed, being kind of beginner.

Sorry for bad english and poor explanation.