Looking for an experienced rigger/weight painter. Closed

We are currently working on an apex legends model for a project. I’m looking for someone who has experience in fixing weights and rigging faces. The model is already rigged but there is some deformation and weight painting issue (irregular areas, spillover weights) that is not up to our animator’s standard. what we need for this model is widgets for the top and bottom teeth. better deformations for the eyebrows, mouth, and cheeks. the eyelid’s top and bottom need to follow the eyes when moving. also, the model’s hair needs to be parented to the head, and any extra bones that are not being used for this model you can get rid of because it was a swap for another model so there are some extra bones. If you think you are up to the tasks please send me your portfolio of humanoid characters you have rigged in the past. anyone who’s interested in the job and who meets our stander will be sent a review version of the model to see the issue with it and if they think they are capable of fixing it then we will send the full version for repairs.

the model heavily relies on blender rigify addon. payment is 50$ USD but can be negotiated.

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