Looking for an image for the book...

Hi folks – thought I’d use the power of the forum to help me out with the upcoming book.

I’m looking for the image (and image creator) who did the nice semi-realistic closeup of the fetus in-utero with the fake sss. This isn’t the one with the “boxy headed” baby and the fat umbilical cord, btw.

Both forum search and Google have failed me, so I leave it your collective wisdom.


I suppose “Who put this camera here?” by Sacha Goedegebure is not the one you are looking for. http://blender.org/cms/August_2005.715.0.html

That’s the only one I can remember though.

RobertT (who else?)


Or was it Landis?



Thanks guys. It was the RobertT one I was thinking of.

yeah i instantly thought it was his one… nice.

oh and harkyman where is that chapter to proof?


I’m was making screen shots for it today, but I had one of my kids get sick…

I’ll hopefully start getting things to tech editors in the first week of January.

That’s terrible! :frowning: Hope He/she gets well soon. Take care over the holiday season.