Looking for an image to texture converter with 16-bit and 32-bit per channel output

Hi, I’m looking for a piece of software or a web service that can convert a diffuse map to other maps, such as normals, ambient occlusion, height, bump, roughness etc. But the point is that I need 16-bit integer and 32-bit float output.

Currently I like the Materialize app, but it’s limited to 8-bit per channel output. I know about AwesomeBump, but I think it’s all the same limited to 8-bit output.

It doesn’t have to be free and opensource, but it has to be standalone, for Win 10 x64 (or a Web Service). Also a subscription is not an option. Only pay once licence.

Take a look at ShaderMap:


according to their versioning, ( it’s now at 4) in version 3 they added:


Yep, I use Shadermap, (I’m on V3), does the job quite well.