Looking for an Older Web Plugin Scene

(peeeto) #1

hi all -

i was wondering if anyone remembers and/or has saved a blender plugin file that was published some time either last year or earlier this year…

if i remember right, the file was a walk-through of an office building lobby. the user could walk through by using the arrow keys. the model had a set of stairs that the user could go up… there was no furniture in the model… the roof had a few skylights…

the pre-calculated lighting was very good, and overall i remember thinking that the scene was excellent… but what i’m really interested in is to examine the movement/bounding controls, esp. with respect to the stairs.

i think the file became available online some time around when the browser plugin 1st became available…

does anyone remember that one? if so, does anyone know who did it or where i can download it from?

i’ve looked through many, if not all, the plugin scenes that i could find links to, but can’t seem to find this particular one.

thanks for your help!

(guru202) #2

PM me, i’ll email it to you.

(Riskbreaker) #3

Do you mind emailing it to me to, please?

(peeeto) #4

thanks - PM away…

(peeeto) #5

thanks guru202 !

(Blender_owl) #6

email me to plz
My email: [email protected]

(guru202) #7

No problem. Be for justice :smiley: