Looking for animation hosting

I have a WIP animation i’m working on and I need somewere to host it- any ideas?

ask bobthevirus he can be found at the sixmonkeys link at the top of the “blender public gallery”


then just click to his site, and send him an e-mail (his e-mail i believe should be available through there)

if not then PM him.


That’s image hosting

I have plenty of space on my server right now. Just give me an e-mail and I’ll have no problem putting it up for you.

whoops, it’s [email protected]



also e-mailing the owner of the site can easily circumvent any regulations on what is hosted.

Alltaken %|

Heh, yeah…

Also, how many people would be interested in me seeting up an ftp or something, with a really short half-life… Basically so that you can upload an animation to wherever, and also say mirror at: mirrors.sixmonkeys.geek.nz/reallycoolmovie.ogm - it wouldn’t be garuanteed that they would stay up - but it would provide a backup in case your primary host went down.

Again… This service would not be useful as the primary link - due to it’s unpermenant nature… However it would be useful to spread the load some, esp during the time that your topic remains on the front page,