Looking for Animator, freelancer (3D fighting animations)

Hi all,

Looking for an animator with good knowledge and enthusiasm of fighting animations. Many animations will be with weapons like swords, spears, hammers and axes. but also basic movement like walking, running, jumping are required.

If you are a large business doing this work professionally please do not apply for this gig. I have a set budget and hopefully we can agree on a fair price over PayPal :).

The budget at the moment (till kickstarter) is a maximum of 200 dollar per character. This will roughly include 15 animations. From idle to fighting combo’s.

If you’re interested, please add me on Skype: kevin.vermaat


What’s the budget for this? ie. What’s a general figure? ($200, $300, etc.)

Hey, I’m on Linux mint and skype doesn’t seem to like it, but I’m an animator that loves fighting animations. I’ve made Orion Tear that has a lot of fighting moves (from 05:37 on).

I’m available for work. My email is rogpertoons(at)yahoo(dot)com
My CV can be downloaded from here