Looking for Animators, 3D Artists, Technical Artists - For small horror indie game.

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The game is Amy’s Escape

You take control of Amelia Loevinger a defenseless child trying to escape the Ross Hotel, on your way out you meet fantastic characters, create enemies, and find the secrets of the hotel itself!
It’s a 2d/3d animated horror game about the cages of the human mind, with a unique aesthetic, and world to explore!

The game’s blog for a better idea. http://blog.amysescape.com/
So I’m looking for skilled technical artists, animators, 3d modelers, I’m not looking for a specific amount of experience but someone who can convey emotions through 3d models, has a strong sense of silhouette, and a good work ethic.

What will the 3D artists do?

There’s a few characters to work on, but mostly environments, tons of them, you would help bring them to life with new techniques that make the 2D backgrounds and 3D environments one and the same. You can use about any software, it can be Maya, or 3DsMax, what matters is that I can use it Blender to animate it.

There’s also UV wrangling to be done this is a small project and can’t hire an individual texture artist, so you need to be up to the task.

Bringing environments and characters to life

You would work with the current contractors to build environments and characters that would match those seen here.

Artists need to send me.

  • Screenshots of topology, the wireframe of a face, wireframe of an environment, I need to see you work with quads, have good consistency, and know how to save on polygons without loosing detail.

What will Technical artists do?

Rigging, and weights, some characters can use automated tools, but others require a more refined touch, mostly weights. 90% of the characters are roto-scoped in 2D for a more consistent effect, the game has more 3D than you think

You would rig this bird, for example, this is an in-game model.

Technical Artists need to send me

  • A human rigged character they’ve worked on. Not screenshots. Not videos. A rigged character in blender, the file, I need to see weights and controllers, how reliable it would be in animation, how the joints are made, the hips/shoulders/fingers/hair.
  • If possible a non-human character, a shark or a bird anything non-bipedal.
  • If possible, a proof of simulation, something with simulation cloth/hair you’ve worked on.

What will the Animators do?

Animate the character’s actions, and transitional animations, most of the animations are done in 3D, and then recreated in 2D. but there are characters that are fully 3D. I take pride in high quality animation, we use dope-sheets and have frame budgets, don’t be afraid to apply if you’re good enough I will teach you the remaining stuff.
Your animation is rendered in a reference model that has different colors so it’s easy to rotoscope for the cleanup artists

http://68.media.tumblr.com/9ab33f5f32229bc291a4d00f5f2c231d/tumblr_inline_o87dlipNgv1qgdjip_500.gif http://68.media.tumblr.com/74721ea904d61b0d1a4d07b50e430c79/tumblr_inline_og0xpu3FaH1qgdjip_500.gif

Animators need to send me

  • Something that shows me their skills with human interaction.
  • Something that shows me they can do run/walk cycles.


  • If you are passionate about games as a narrative form of entertainment.

  • If you have worked in games.

  • If you are Creative and inventive.

  • If you are Willing to push the boundaries of narrative in games.

  • (For 3D artists) -

  • If you have good sense of topology.

  • If you have experience constructing low-poly for games.

  • If you are good at silhouettes, and giving a character personality through 3d shapes.

  • (For Technical artists) -

  • If you have good practices, when rigging, and creating controllers for custom characters.

  • If you are ok doing some characters with tools like rigify, and custom rigs for a specific character right now.

  • If you have experience at doing weights for characters, in Blender, specially in joints.

  • If you have a strong understanding of silhouettes, creating unique tools for wings, etc.

  • (For animators) -

  • If you have a strong sense of silhouette and timing

  • If you are able to work with live action reference

  • If you have a good grasp of spline tools in Blender.

  • If you can create animations with strong readable poses with charm and finesse.

  • If you are a fast learner, and willing to learn new tech.

  • If you are a fan of 2D animation, like ghibli films, and the old disney.

  • If you are a fan of adventure games.

  • If you idealize memorable design.

If you want to work in an out-of-the-box insane and gorgeous looking game, apply now, I’m looking for people who can help me finish this quicker.

Send your portfolio to [email protected] with the title “Want to work on Amy’s Escape: [Name], [Job]” with your name, and job you apply to. (example: Want to work on Amy’s Escape: Fernando Holguín, Technical Artist), This pitch prototype is operating on a limited budget so please understand I don’t have much to go around.

Don’t be afraid of applying!

It's a 2 stage prototype, with 3-5 characters and about 1 minute of animation, in game development that's like a very short demo it's to show we can make the game. The full game if I get funds has 118 stages, 20ish minutes of animation and 50+ characters,



Ask me any questions!

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Thank you so much for the quick response!

I’m sorting candidates as I speak. If I haven’t respond to you is probably because of the massive response this thing got from the separate sites and social media. I’m talking with, no joke, hundreds of people…

It’s a process and I need only 3 people, please I will not even respond if you didn’t send it to my mail with the subject I asked for, several of you pm’d me or sent it with the wrong subject, it doesn’t matter how good you are if you can’t follow a simple instruction I can’t work with you.

If you’re still interested please send me your portfolio, I’m still deciding talking with candidates, and when I need to ramp up production I might need more people.

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Thread is closed for now, I found the contractors I need, thanks everyone for the swift response.

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You can still send me your portfolios, I will give them a check I can use all the help I can get if I need to speed up production.