Looking for Animators and 3D generalists for a 3D Supernatural Action Short Film

We are currently in production on a super high-end 3D animated film based on William Hope Hodgson’s classic character Carnacki: The Ghost Finder. Set around the turn of the century in London, he’s basically a steampunk Batman that tracks down and fights supernatural creatures with cool weapons.

The sets are built and being rough textured, the characters are being sculpted, and the previs has begun, but we need some animators to come onboard and start working out the rough movements.

We have already been in talks with Netflix about doing a series, and there are a few companies interested in giving us some seed money so that we can really do this right.

We have a great team in place already, but we need more hands on deck.

If you are interested, send me your email, and I can share with you a lot more of the details.


i dont know what are you talking about but i am 3d artist https://www.artstation.com/prashantvyascg here is portfolio and you can also contact me on insta prashant vyas cg

Hello David… I am a student of animation.
i send you my email
[email protected]

I’m a self taught animator, I’d love to talk more about the project and share my work

[email protected]

Hi David

I’m a 3D generalist with a focus on character animation.

My email is [email protected]

I can send you samples of my work when you need.


Hi I’m interested! I’m a 3D generalist.

Please email me at: [email protected]