Looking for animators and environment designers - 2 minute short

Hello, I’m working on a abstract short about a girl descending into the ocean drowning while having vivid flashes of her past. This animation is going to be about 2 minutes long and i need some animators and someone who is good with fluid simulation. The aesthetic is 3d anime by the way.
Anyone wants to help me with this project?

what are your current skills ? how much of the project is already done ? do you have a script or a storyboard ?

My project has not started just yet due to working on other things. I also do not have any storyboard just yet but i know how i want things to go from start to finish. And for skills I’m not sure where i would rank myself personally but I do have an instagram account you can check out if you want to see what I’ve made so since i started learning Blender back in May 2020 My instagram link here
If you still want to join me on this let me know and send me your discord.

Just as a general advice, When you start a project based on voluntary work by others, you should be able to handle most of the work by yourself.

The chances for it to fail is big when you rely to much on others, and if people are willing to dedicate their time on it, so little it is they want a certain guarantee that the project will be carried till the end and the final release.

I’d suggest you to start working on it, on your side until you’re certain that it’s feasable and that you’ll have the energy to make it happen.

Thats true. Thanks for the advice. I’m kind of new to this in terms asking for help on something especially through this kind of means. I’m not looking for someone to take up most of the work but just help out here and there to speed up the process. Anyways thanks again i’ll take note of this for next time. I might take down this post until i got majority of the work done but who knows

I didn’t mean do the majority of the work first and then ask for help,

let’s say that for example, you need a rigger because you don’t know a damn thing about rigging, that’s kinda obvious that you can’t get most of the work done by yourself. what I mean is that you might work on it untill you hit your own barriers.
you can start the script and/or storyboard and some designs. to somehow sell your idea for potential contributors to join. You could even start the design pre-production, and then ask for someone to make it better if you feel like design is not your strength.
Same goes for the script, you can write a basis that conveys your vision. and ask for someone who’s better at it to complete or modify it. The point is that at some point, you must feel like the project is concrete and has a strong basis for communication to your future collaborators.

Though what I meant by “you should be able to handle most of the work by yourself.” is that, once the project is started, even if you have your collaborators ready, the more you need to rely on others to do the job, fewer are the chances that the project is finished someday. That’s just a general advice.

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ohhhhhhh. I get what you mean now. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.