Looking for animators for a anime



hello, I’m the leader of a team of people who have been trying to make an anime. we have the idea for the story and who we want and how it all ties in. the project has been going on for four years now and we have progressed greatly. we are looking for animators who are willing to wait for there pay and are willing to work for free at the moment. when we do get the money you will be paid for your time as well as a place in our team that we are trying to make a company. thank you and have a nice day

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lawyer up before joining xD


Hi,I’m interested to work with you.

you can see a sample of my modelling, rigging and animation works at this link:

full of my last 3d animation in an android game:

check out my other games at:

this is my portfolio:

please contact me via email:
[email protected]

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learn how to set up lightning and use better textures and everyone will think youre the best animator ever


Hello my friend sorry for taking some time I just wanted the message to sit for a couple of days. Please give me your Skype or discord or something in that line so we can further talk


hi thanks for your reply
i haven’t skype or other…
please contact me via email:
[email protected]