Looking for anime style character modeller and painter to work on preexisting model. (PAID)


I’m trying to import a 3d character into Monster Hunter World, I’ve managed to create a basic character on who I want but I don’t have the skill to finish up or paint the model. I’m willing to pay for this work, if you’re interested please feel free to message me an offer.

This work needs 3D and 2D skills.

I do not need this model to be rigged.

Tasks Needed To Be Done:

  • Adding Details to the Model: Incorporating the specific details outlined in the reference sheet, such as accessories directly attached to the model, such as hair pins and the bag sling. However, please note that the scope of this task does not include external objects, such as the weapons depicted in the reference sheet.

  • Model Cleanup: The model’s topology needs some fixing up to ensure it’s in good shape.

  • Texturing: I need a hand in creating an Atlas Texture. Keep in mind that Monster Hunter World models only support a single UV map. Please avoid using procedural textures, PBR, or shaders, as they won’t be compatible with MHW. Instead, I’m looking for a painted-on texture with a similar style to the example provided. https://www.nexusmods.com/monsterhunterworld/mods/4716 or a general genshin like style.


  • Please DO NOT go overboard with vertices, Monster Hunter World works with meshes seperately, Head, Chest, Arms And Legs and the limit is 60k vertices on each mesh part.

Current Work and References:


This job is closed, I will be searching on a different platform. Thank you everyone who replied.

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