Looking for Artist to create complete (rigged) models

I am currently working on my very own comic and eventually anime series. I want it to be 3D and since I’m not a great artist myself i decided to use blender for the relative ease of posing rather than drawing thousands of frames. So therefore, I am in need of a talented blender artist to take my visions to the next level. Work with me as a team and be the other half of this series. I have a very small budget to start however. But if this is a success it will be well worth the investment. If i have anybody interested please let me know! we can exchange contact info and ill fill you in on the storyline and we can negotiate wages to see if you’re interested in illustrating this amazing story I created.

Hi, I’m a graphic designer and animator. I worked in a comic magazine in Argentina the drawings made by hand with brush, nib and ink china. Now I experimented with free style … Blender is beautiful.I’m interested in going back with the comics :slight_smile: (my email [email protected])


i have much scifi models characters and motif to contribute please also look at some of my models on sites.google.com/site/abstractind and let me know the motifs you wish to have for your comic and I can oblige.

I would be interested in working with you. Link to my work http://wakka0828.cgsociety.org/