Looking for artist to make men's clothing for virtual world. Paid work

(Gregthos) #1

Looking for someone interested in making men’s clothing and I would like to know costs? Please message me for further details if you are interested.

For a little clarity on this posting…

What exactly I am looking for is someone who might be familiar with making clothing for a game like Second Life. If you are familiar with this format and want to talk more you can reach me at [email protected] and we can talk more in detail.

Apparently there was a typo in my email address which should be ok now. If you are interested please email me and we can talk more.

Thanks for looking

(Richcolburn) #2

Hello, Rich Colburn here. I’m this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfdhIvo_ops
I might be interested in helping you making mens clothing as per your post.
If you’re still looking for someone, shoot me an email. [email protected]

Best of luck with your project!

(digital aptech) #3

I am in interested on this job.
I am from the Digital Aptech. This is an India based digital agency. I want to talk with you in details. My Skype id is -