Looking for artist to put character arms into t-pose

I have a character model that I need adjusted and I don’t have enough experience with modeling to do it myself. I purchased a license for the base model pictured below, but unfortunately its original pose has its arms down near its side which is causing issues for me around the shoulders. I have experience with rigging characters in Blender but only when they are in t-pose. It seems there is a lot of ‘squished’ quads in the underarm area that are getting stretched when I rig and then bring the arms up to shoulder level.

I am looking for a 3D artist to make changes to the base mesh so that the arms are up in t-pose position so I can re-rig and begin adding clothing. I have looked for other base mesh models to work with but I really like the anime style of this one and would prefer to get it setup properly. I would also like the adjustments to be UV mapped similar to what is already there. Doesn’t matter to me what program you use to do the work as long as you can provide either an FBX or OBJ file when done.

If things work out then I will likely have more work in the future. Payment(s) will be made via Paypal.

Feel free to message me on here or e-mail me at [email protected]

Hi. Just for my informations… Are You able to provide the unrigged modell (just in case)?

Looks like about $15 to reposition, or $45 to reposition and then alter the shoulder and armpit geometry to play more nicely with deformation. Please clarify how you want UV map changed, as re-positioning the mesh shouldn’t affect the UV map. See the commission link in my signature to reach me.

This position has been filled, thank you.