Looking for artists for a game project.

Hi BlenderArtist readers. I’m part of a small group of university students working on a game using UDK and we’re looking for some help with our little project.

The game is a horror/puzzle style game, similar in genre to games like Amnesia but relying more strongly on the plot and telling a rather dark story that has been tweaked and refined for the better part of two years.

We’re looking for all sorts of artistic help; concept art, texturing, static mesh modelling, though most prominently at the moment we are looking for a character modeler. This includes modelling, texturing and possibly animating.
The style of character we’re looking for is somewhere between Ashley Mizuki Robbins from Another Code: R and Deunan Knute from Appleseed Ex Machina.

Ashley - Deunan

I’m not exactly new to Blender, and I can model well enough to make the objects we need for the game, but I’m not good enough to make characters we’re happy with. And that’s why I’m here.

The project has a $0 budget, which is why I’m looking for volunteer help, but if the game makes any money, then we’ll happily pay for the work.

If you’re interested, we can supply some concept art and answer any questions about the game itself or the story.

Cheers, John.