Looking for artists for game project, please read.

Hello Blenderartists community,

we are no longer in need of programmers.
we do need 2D and 3D artists/modelers for things like;
GUI Frames, Buttons, Portraits Icons. Assets, Concept Art, Units, Champs, Structures, Textures
If you can preform any of these we’d like to have you.

Read below for more information about the project.
This is a copy paste of an post I did on another forum.

About Me:

I am here with a unique game idea that I see huge
potential for in today’s marketplace. I am a hardcore gamer and
have been nearly my entire life. There aren’t very many MMO’s,
RTS’s and MOBA’s that I have not played, along with countless other
FPS’s, and single player titles. Another thing to note, I have zero
and I mean ZERO programming, art design, 3d modeling, networking, etc.
skills. Could I learn some of these? Yes. But as a business owner I
know that its more efficient for me to find someone that already has
these skills and stick to what I am good at and what I know. What I
offer this project is vision, direction, motivation and passion. I
am a leader but I am easy to work with and I take criticism and
suggestions well. I love to learn and constantly do so in areas that
are important to me. If you have ideas for improvements I am open to
them and any other changes, but keep in mind I’ve thought my ideas
out quite well and I would like to have the team challenge both ideas
to make the best choice, why would yours work better? Run me through
your thought process. I trouble shoot and debate all day long with
some of my business partners. Also, I can still help advertise in
areas such as Social Media, Kickstarter, IGG, Steam, forums,
website(s) and more. I’ve used Elance.com in the past with great
success. I have been self-employed for nearly 5 and I have 2 small
businesses, a wife and daughter. I know what hard work is. I am a
problem solver. I know how to make something from nothing. I have
been playing competitive PC games since I was 15 and console games
before that dating back to Atari 2600 as well as original Nintendo (I
am 32 now) My first PC game was Ultima Online and played it for 7
years(along with other games during that time), I hold this game dear
to my heart. Enough about me.

Short Term Goal:

  • Put together a small team that can help build a
    prototype for a game to help get funding.

  • Start development on final game project.

Game Information:

  • The game is a good mix of Multiplayer Online
    Battle Arena(MOBA), Real Time Strategy(RTS) and Tower Defense(TD)
    and touches on a bit of Magic The Gathering(MTG).

  • Game is Multiplayer Online (prototype will not be)

  • The game would have a Match Making System and a
    Ranking system, similar to League of Legend or StarCraft 2, with
    some differences.

  • Players would go head to head on a 1v1 or 2v2
    map (at launch).

  • You will be able to perfect your strategies vs.
    computer AI

  • 3v3 and 5v5 maps would come post launch.

  • I’m not trying to sell the game here, If games
    similar to ones mentioned throughout this post interest you and you
    would like to be part of the development of this one, then let me
    know. Further details will be given to serious candidates.

Scripting would be similar to that of League of
Legends and StarCraft 2. The Code and Script for this game is far
simpler if I had to take a guess. Camera angle and views would be
like most RTS and MOBA. Check both examples above if you are still

Artistic Style Overview:

  • Gritty, medieval fantasy that is mystical and
    magical all in a realistic and believable art style.

  • Unit types may include: Scoundrels, Knights,
    Warlords, Axe man, Barbarians, Priests, Sorcerers, Wizards, Witches,
    Paladins, Archers, Necromancer, Pike men, Etc.

  • Races other then human, such as, Dwarfs, Orcs,
    Elves, Undead, Minotaur’s… are still undecided.

  • Structures might include: Castles, Barracks,
    Wizard Towers, Outposts, Etc.


  • Quality over quantity about sums it up. The
    game needs to be visually stunning. This does not apply to the
    prototype however. Their are many aspects and roles in the art
    department so most likely anyone interested could offer something to
    this project.

Business Model:

  • Free to Play, never pay to win.

  • Revenue generated through the sell of cosmetics
    and convenience.

Why I think this game will succeed:

I would say because I am on the team, and for those
that know me that would be good enough, but none of you do so I will
have to do better than this. I am very competitive and I hate to
lose/fail. As a hardcore gamer for many years, I know what’s
important to gamers of all genres, I have been active in many forums
for many different games across many different genres. I know how to
appeal to targeted audiences. If players like games such as, SC2,
DOTA, LoL, MTG, they will love this game also. That is a recipe for
huge potential. As like with these games, we will have players
coming back time and time again. I know the cycle of a true gamer,
gamers are constantly searching for a better game, and very rarely
can they find it. They always go back to a select few games. This
will be one of those select few that calls them back.

Profit Sharing and Compensation:

  • Depending on your contribution to the
    prototyping of this project, a fair compensation will be given once
    any profits are generated.

  • Compensations will be discussed on a person to
    person basis prior to any team member starting any work.

  • This project is split between prototyping phase
    and actually game development.

  • Not all members of the team may continue the
    work on the game development, however if any profits are generated
    you can be sure that you will be compensated for your time.

  • This is not to say anyone would be removed from
    the team, but I want candidates to know that if you help with the
    prototyping phase and decide to leave the project, you will still be
    compensated if any profits are made.

  • Funding for game development does not qualify as
    profits, profits would be generated once the game is released.

  • If the game is a huge success, There will be
    bonuses to all team members that worked on the development. This
    excludes, prototyping phase.

    Once the prototyping phase is complete, contracts
    will be discussed between members that wish to soldier on.


  • The game will not be released until it is
    visually stunning and balanced.

For the prototyping phase, we will be needing,
Programmers for scripting and more. Designers to bring the 1v1 and
2v2 maps to life. Artists for assets and units and 3d renderings.
Animators to bring the models to life. Networkers probably not
needed right away but please contact me as you will be needed. I
obviously don’t build games for a living so there maybe some roles
that I am leaving out. We will need writers and sound engineers and
the whole shebang, but my main focus now is getting the prototype
complete. If you have something to offer either right away or down
the road, please contact me as well. We will even need more
cheerleaders getting the word out, I am a one man show right now. If
you can offer help in multiple areas let me know this too.

Please contact me through email or Skype for quickest response times.

That’s all for now,

Robert Newbold
[email protected]
Skype: Rnewbold14 Yucca Valley, CA

i only see a lot of ideas, but not a real concept.

Hi There,

You don’t mention any music! I would be happy to supply for FREE game music in exchange for credit and adding to my portfolio.

Contact me here if interested. Attaching a link to a sample of a Fantasy Audio Book intro I did recently.