Looking for Artists for Racing Game

Hi I’m looking for a 3d modeller to work on my current gaming project you can view the dev blog at simbstudio.tumblr.com and check out the current build with placeholder graphics and sound http://dl.dropbox.com/u/70771337/WebPlayer/WebPlayer/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html I don’t need a lot done and I can’t pay anyone up front. I’m looking more for someone who is willing to collaborate with me as a team member, and design the look and feel of the game. I would be more than willing to offer a percentage of all profits of the game instead of some contract that would give you a set amount. If you could email me at [email protected] that would be greatly appreciated. Also if you know any musician’s who are looking for short term work I would extend the same offer of giving a percentage of all profits from the game.

Sorry to bump but I really need a good artist.

i am a car modeller. Not perfect though but i know my stuff. Too bad i only do it for true blenderhead who understand that knowledge belongs to all of us. I don’t want your money, i want to help