looking for artists to join my game studio

Hey there forum,
My name is Adam Burton and i’m the CEO of black raven studio. I signed up to Blender Artists recently as I am fascinated by the amount of talent its users have. I am currently looking for some 3d artists and texturers for our new game called skyline. Currently all of the people who work in my team are paid on commision and with benefits such as experience for your cv and access to all assets for portfolio’s projects etc. If you are interested please shoot me an email at [email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Adam Burton

Hey there Mr. CEO (scnr),
As you may imagine, jobs on commission aren’t terribly popular among people with actual talent or skills. You therefore would be better off doing everything in your power to show us why your game concept is so interesting that people would want to join in on the effort.
Even after googling I haven’t found any proper information about your game. I have however found a lot of “recruitment” posts of similar quality.
This is just not how it works. You may find that even seasoned programmers will have trouble finding decent artists to join their game project. But so far you haven’t displayed any skill whatsoever that you are bringing into the equation.
You need to get back to the drawing board. Good Luck.

CEO of a game studio and your mail adress is a gmail account :eek:

I’m CEO of my own company too. It’s not as impressive as it sounds. Being head of a small business consisting of one employee is standard practice for everything from contract software developers to plumbers.

Not that it changes your point, but the reasoning is different :wink:

I’d say the effort you’ve given to your post is likely to garner you the equivalent in the response category.

Pretty sure this is similar (wording) to a different post ; of course, one has to be a little cynical when one sees such mediocrity.

Yes, I’m scathing for a reason.

Two questions:
a) What is your average payout?
b) How many people do you have?

I’m going to guess:
a) any day now…
b) your momma

Someone should tell you that your great plan of makin’ the big time ain’t that great a plan at all.

I find it a personal affront when an ignoramus proposes that I, or my peers, should labour without payment because it would ‘benefit’ me.

What a self deluded pile of insulting horse shit.

Maybe you’ll get some more starry eyed children making crappy little artworks for your crappy little game. You get what you pay for.

Nasty? Na. Dose of reality, kid.

Posts like this make me ashamed of being part of this community. yes he may be misguided but there are a lot more constructive ways to express this.

Do not presume to tell me how ‘nice’ I should be to someone whom has insulted me and my profession.

It was obviously done without any malicious intent, he is probably young and over enthusiastic which is normal. So to cut him down for something like that is not needed or helpful.

You could have a website displaying how serious you are. With “teaser” artwork (concept or 3D)

If you cannot afford hosting, even blogspot can do

Good example,closer to home is RESET (http://reset-game.net/) . With info like that… that does not tell too much but is enough to get people interested, people will join you. I have no doubt that if the RESET guys even thought of hiring, they’d have lots of very talented people begging for work.

After sifting through this kind of crap for awhile, you get pretty sick of it. The world is full of people trying to get artwork done for little or nothing, and it sucks away opportunities to make an actual living at this every time someone takes those gigs. In general, you will find making this sort of post in any CG community is usually met with a pretty harsh response. People are touchy about this sort of thing, and IMO it’s worth the posters just learning once and for all that this is not ok.

I don’t know what are you up to, but I can tell you one thing - if there is nothing to show from the project, it will be very, very hard to find team members. As a rule of thumb, you need to have a website with a description of the game, engine in use, etc. Get yourself a domain, it’s not expensive. Put redirect to Google Sites or wherever you host your website temporarily. Same thing could be done with e-mail, but I don’t really see why having gmail address is bad :confused: I know a lot of industry folks having personal e-mail addresses at gmail.

Another thing I’d like to mention is this is a wrong place to look for artists. I tried finding some since ~2008 and till these days I can’t find a single soul here who does art at appropriate level of quality and doesn’t pretend to be an art director from Hollywood or an Art Director from some AAA game development company. There are some industry vets here who is capable of doing awesome job, but they are busy with other projects and charge industry rate for their work.

My cv is fine, thanks.

But seriously, being able to put work in your CV and portfolio/reel is par for the course, not a special benefit. You’re basically saying, “You get the benefit of being able to take credit for your own work!” And that’s just a silly way to frame it. It’s like saying, “If you loan me your car tonight, you get the benefit of me paying you for the gas I use!” Especially as a complete stranger, you really have to offer a lot more than that. And moreover, choosing to frame it that way at all, as a special benefit, makes you come across as a bit… sleazy. CV and portfolio “benefits” are minimum and expected, except in very specific circumstances (in which case you should get special compensation over top of what you would normally get paid).

Anyway… if you’re going to post something like this, then please at least show the common courtesy of humility and acknowledge that people would be doing you a favor to work under the terms you’ve outlined.

aburt11, I suggest you start a new thread after taking into account the more constructive comments in this thread.