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Hey all,

In case I posted this in the wrong forum then please let me know and I’ll repost somewhere else.

That said, my friend and I are in the progress of setting up a company that does real time visualization of buildings. For the past months we have been meeting with various property developers to get their feedback and to improve and we are at the point where we can actually expect to make a sale.
That is of course awesome but it also scares me a bit since I am the only person developing stuff and I’m afraid we will land a project that is too big to do by myself in a reasonable amount of time.
Therefore I was wondering if there are people on this forum with enough skills that could model specific pieces of furniture.
I know about sites like TurboSquid that are marketplaces for this kind of stuff but the models I need would probably be one of a kind (exactly what the client wants) plus they need to be made in a certain way so our 3d engine can work with it.

So if anyone feels up to this task then I would love to get to know them and discus further details.


blendernation.com has a list of blender freelancers. There used to be another site that listed Blender freelancers as well, the name escapes me and am not sure if it is still around

Interesting–I did quite a bit of custom furniture modeling at my previous ArchViz job, and my employer put a number of my models up for sale on Turbosquid (they were done in 3dsMax, but I’m just as proficient in Blender). PM me if you would like to see some samples of my work, and I’d be more than happy to discuss further!


hi bigwings I send you PM

Why not just post it as a job on http://www.blenderjobs.com/

I’ve been using 3D software for many years and Blender for a couple. You can check out some of my work here:
I would be interested in some modeling work.

Please contact me with any questions/info:
[email protected]

Thanks for coming to this community. As you can see, we have plenty of talent!

Thanks for the replies and private messages everyone. Please keep them coming!