looking for artists

Any “old-school”-gamers here? I am developing a clone of the old Dungeon Master game, and I looking for a graphics artist for contributions. I have decided to make my game completely open source, and thus I am currently looking to replace all graphics with art with an open license. I am currently “borrowing” stuff from another game, but am working to replace all that stuff. Since I am a programmer, and not a graphics artist this is working very slowly.

Would anyone be interested in contributing to such a project? Though this is work without pay, just for fun, but your name will of course be applied to the project. You can commit work under any license you want - but I am mostly interested in stuff under “open” licenses.

If interested please contact me - info in the link below.

Thanks for looking.


I’ve never heard of Dungeon Master. What genre is it?

Real-time RPG.
See http://dmweb.free.fr/ and the links in my site for more info.

Its a RPG - realtime, oldschool.
More info here:


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