looking for artists

I have an idea of starting an animation studio in Belgium but I have to create a vey good animation. I want to make very good animations and that’s why I’m thinking of working with international artists and keep in touch trhough e-mail and skype during projects.
Off course I can’t financie the first project so I’m looking for artists who wants to work as a volunteer on th first movie project…if it is a succes then I gurantee that I can pay you for other animations…People who are intereted can PM me.

Kinldy regards


That is not how you should start such a thing.

Here’s how I imagine you should approach this:

  1. Learn blender.
  2. Make a short short film, a portfolio. That is, something either very simple, or very short (20 seconds?)
  3. Make sure you can finance the artists. If you can’t in other way, perhaps by donations? Or if your portfolio is good, maybe you’ll find some people, but don’t expect good artists unless you can pay them.
  4. Only then make an announcement that you want to make a short film. Must Include your portfolio and the description of payment.
    Otherwise people will not look into your announcement seriously and all you will get are some naive young starting artists that have absolutely no idea what it takes to make short films or whatever you mean by “Good animations”.