looking for artists


I want to start an animation company but first I want to start aty voluntairy base until I have a good story and when I can start earn money it is the idea to go proffessionally then.
The thing is to look for people who can help with the project.If the project works it is the idea to keep the team together and make great movies but for that you need az team who wants to prove themself.

I first tell what I need and then what the story is I have in mind:

I need:

  • storyboard artits.
  • Modelers
  • enviroment designers
  • animators
  • And sombeody who is good in working out ideas.

My idea is a story about a ninja who is dping secret missions…In daimly live he is a normal person but when he goes on the move he is a ninja.

For pone scene to be created a test scene to see if the team can handfle this…

There is a house and within the house there is a hostage. The ^police is arriving and surrounding the house.in the house there is a familie hostage like a boy girl and father and mother…

the ninja aproch in stealt so nobody sees it not even the police…he goes in and free the people and dissapear

What do you think?


You can e-mail me at

[email protected]