Looking for artwork for a flashlight app

I’m looking for ideas and artwork for a flashlight app. I’ve made some artwork for an icon myself in Blender, but I’m not satisfied with it.

I’m looking for

a) an icon
b) an on / off button
c) a background

The idea is that the main screen would contain the on / off button with a background image. I originally had the idea that the backgorund would show a lighted spot on a dark background when the button is in the ‘on’ position (the button will be a ImageButton element in Android). The button would be something akin to a flashligh button, maybe a slider button.

My ideas are just that. If you have any proposals for something better, that’s fine.

Please post proposals and price below if you’re interested. All copyright for all artwork must be transferred to me as part of any deal, including the Blender source files.

Below is the icon I made myself.

Great. So all you need as a theem for a smart phone flash light with an on/off bution .that’s can be arranged in 2days or maybe one but i will use my amagenation to provide you with the elments you want, the theem with on/off button and the icon and will talk about how much will it coust after you see and become satesfiy of the work 'thats if no one yet offerd you his servises. (

Please submit proposals below. The copyright will be yours until I decide they’re good enough for my app.

cool so i mad 2 style,s the 2nd isn’t done yet but her is the 1st one

light off

light on


Do you have an idea for the icon as well?

Yeah i am working on that.but what size should the icon be

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Check this out!

If you like this send me a pm.(Made totally with blender)(Also transparency works i don’t know if its visible here)

so this is the 2nd theme if you want it

and this is the icon

tell me about them and which one you like so i can upload you the blend file as-well

As this is clearly work completed before payment, it qualifies as deferred pay. Moved from Paid work to Volunteer work.

Please continue discussion via PM or email.

Could you send the renders in 1600 x 960 format to [email protected]. Also include how much you want for the design.

Sorry, I can’t accept this one, as it’s not noticeably better than my own icon.