Looking for basic 3d modelling animation w/fx

Premise :
I have a license plate sized monitor that I want to display images of customized license plates on.
There will be 6 license plates.
Once plate will show : 2QIK4U, the metal being crumpled up and exploding to show the next plate
The next plate will be BLUEMAGIC. This plate will catch on fire(blue fire) with particle effects, then burn to a crisp with particle smoke to show the next plate
Next plate will be NCC-1700. This plate will appear, then zoom out into an animated starfield, only slightly out, to showcase the name of the license plate, while wobbling and “Flying” in the galaxy. Transition into a hyperspace scene where to plate flies away, and a new one appears.
New plate will be “FAITH”, and will appear with a white glow effect, glowing the entire time. Glow will eventially go so bright the plate disappears, and the new one appears.
Next plate is 2014-1LE. It will crumple up and explode like the first one.
Next plate is VEGA-NOS. It will crumple up and explode like the first one, and transition seamlessly into the first plate (for a seamless looped video).

I would like possession of the .blend file afterwards, for light edits if needed.

Please let me know expected cost, timeline of completion expected.


Hello Steven
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Hello There,

I have PMed you regarding this.
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Rocky Dash

Hi Steven! My name is Pablo Ezequiel Padula and I am dedicated to the editing, animation and modeling of 2D and 3D videos.

Take a look at my portfolio


hi! i’m Agus,
I’m sure I can help you achieve what you need

maybe you should check my last 3D works: www.dribbble.com/AgustinCristofano

keep me in mind to work together on your ideas!

best regards

Just wanted to mark this as closed, I found an animator from this excellent community and he is helping me out. Thanks everyone!