Looking for (beginner) modeler

I am currently working on a game with the title “More than none” which is a puzzle and story based side scroller.
For this project I am looking for a 3d artist who would be willing to help me with creating the characters (modeling and rigging - animating is not necessary!).

You don’t have to be a professional to help me - as long as your models work, I’m happy to have you work with me :slight_smile:
I am not looking for some high-quality models with awesome, detailed textures but rather some simple, basic, low poly models.

I can show you the sketchy character design of the two main characters, so that you have a slight reference to what style I am going for…

I am working on something like that now. see full code http://www.pasteall.org/73878. I think this is called modeling.
I am trying to figure out rigging. Please send me measurements.

I am interested! Just finished up a small project