Looking for Beta Testers (1-2) for new online render farm (CLOSED)

Hello Blender Artists & Guru’s!

I am looking for one or two people who would be interested in helping me beta test my new render farm. If you are interested, please send me a private message with your qualifications. I will contact several people and select 1-2 people within the next few days. This render farm is currently in development, and supports Blender 2.49 and 2.5 Alpha 2. This is a non-paid opportunity; you receive unlimited render time needed to complete testing and evaluation of the render farm. Thanks for your interest in a project that I have spent 3+ years developing. Once the final code is ready and fully tested, I’ll post more details for the entire Blender community. Thanks! - Spudster

Some information about the new farm:
URL: http://www.hyperrendering.com

  • Online portal to submit and download your jobs
  • Progress bars
  • Particle and Fluid Rendering
  • Thumbnails & Logs
  • Estimated Job / Frame Runtimes
  • Blender Only Render farm
  • Real-time status

I need help testing the following:

  • General functionality & usability
  • Performance
  • Finding Bugs
  • Fluid and Particle Simulations

At a minimum I would like to find candidates with the following:

  • A history of Beta Testing
  • Lots of Blender Experience
  • Rendered samples of work you have done in Blender
  • Someone who can feed back good documentation on errors or issues encountered


  • Must be willing to agree to an NDA agreement (For disclosure purposes)
  • Must be at least 18 years old or older
  • Cannot be affiliated with any rendering service providers (non-compete)
  • Google Talk with a video camera - I would like to meet those who will be helping me.

Benefits to you:

  • Tons of free hours on a render farm to render your files!


Here are a few Screenshots of the Hyper Portal to give you an idea of what I am referring to:

Job List:

Job Detail:

And new job submission:

I’m surprised you don’t have any replies, the features and interface look way above most of the competition.

Perhaps you should email BlenderNation now and ask them to put it on the front page, that way you’ll expose the render farm to a lot more potential Beta testers.

Thanks for the reply Daniel. Actually I have had several very positive reply’s via Private Message, and have found several of the testers I was looking for. I think I’ll save any BlenderNation post until I have had a chance to make sure its fully functional and running well, it still needs some minor work to make it really shine.