Looking for beta testers for an add-on

I’m looking for beta testers for a character cel-shading add-on ( Recreating Cel-Shading for 3D Characters (Petikam et al) in Blender )

Beta testers will get the add-on for free. Preferred candidates are NPR artists with experience doing custom cel-shading. A passion for innovative and stylized Blender techniques is a big plus.

You won’t need to do much- just give me feedback. Tell me if you run into bugs, catch things I missed, etc.

I don’t need more than a couple people. The only requirement is that you can try a few different versions over a space of a few weeks or so. It’s not ready for beta testing yet but it will be in a couple weeks.

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Thank you for the tag, unfortunately, I’m already running on an agenda. I will be fully available for new addons after August 20th.

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I can test it out on a few versions of Blender, but as yet have not gone past 3.1RC ( I tend to wait till they are a bit more stable than day ONE…
Are you going to do a discord for feedback?

I’m on 3.0.1, so you’re further along than me :sweat_smile: I’m not loving the performance of 3.2 or 3.3 so far. That aside, thanks for volunteering!

Ehhh… I’d rather not, to be honest, maybe I’m just getting old but I feel like making a discord server for every add-on is unnecessary. Maybe. I’ll think about it and do some research into good ways to collect feedback :slight_smile:

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Yeah, me also! I really don’t like Discord, or at least the more open forums, way too much nasty things dumped in them!

Here on BA, with just PM’s would work just fine as I’m here every morning…

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I like the way you think :slight_smile:

With that, we’ve still got room for one or possibly two more people, if anyone is interested

I’m down to beta test. This actually may help with a project I’m currently working on, so this will be cool to try out!

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Sweet :slight_smile: I’ve run into some nasty complications that have slowed things own but there’s still a functional version I’ll send over to you :slight_smile: