Looking for Blender Artists for a Fan-Made Simpsons Game

Hello, there!

I’m a game developer working on a Simpsons fan-game, that draws a lot of it’s inspiration from Simpsons: Hit & Run(Radical Entertainment, 2003) and The Simpsons Game(EA, 2007).

It’s just a fan-game, so you won’t make any money when the game is finally released(unless Disney, for some odd reason, decides to pick up this game).

I can’t pay you, since I have no money, and it’s also a fan game; so there would be no profit for me when the game releases, but if you love the Simpsons like I do then it would be nice if you could join me.

What do you mean? EDIT: I just realized that you edited it or something, lol.

I’m a bit busy with my college assignments and I’ve got to teach myself Maya and Substance painter, but I can try and provide you with any tutorials I find on YouTube.

Also you can just tell me what you need and I’ll try and make whatever, although I think there will be a big delay when you hear from me lol. But something is better than nothing right?

Right now I’m probably just ok at modelling, but still I wouldn’t mind trying to help.

If you have any spare time, it would be great if you could model Homer Simpson, right now I just have the mannequin from Unreal Engine 4.

You can keep in touch with me via Discord: Scooberto#2758

Can we not keep in touch on blenderartists? I have discord but I don’t really use it. Also I don’t talk and it would be better if we just messaged on here what needs to be done.

Yeah, we can do that. But if we get more people helping, I’m not sure if this website has group functionality.

I found a speed design of homer, is this the look you want or something different?

Yeah, that is the look I want. I’ll try to follow this modelling, and see if I can do it.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Great, if you need any more help just ask and I’ll try to be useful.

For me I struggle with speed designs, the first one I watched was this, it taught me a lot though, it helped me a lot to set the speed to 0.25 and just keep pausing and rewinding. I modelled the portal gun from a 2.79 blender tutorial so I’m confident you’ll have no problem with this homer one.

Also you can watch these channels as well if you want, the cg animetic guy speaks Japanese while the other guy doesn’t speak at all, the NHj quang guy couldn’t make rigging tutorials because his computer wasn’t powerful enough.

Haha, me too. I’m trying to follow the speed modelling, and it’s pretty hard because you can’t get a sense of what they’re doing or where they’re looking, even in slow-motion.

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I might try to freestyle it for a bit, actually, and see if I come up with anything.

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I could help you modelling something :slight_smile: , I sent you a private message

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check the message. lol

It said it was deleted or something, but I was able to read it before it was edited(for whatever reason it was edited, at least on my screen) and if you still want to help, that’d be great!

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Hi, I’m interesting in what you are working on. I think I can make a model for your game

That’d be great! :slight_smile:

I’m beginner in blender and I want to help you

Awesome, I’m taking a bit of a break right now, but I’ll get back to you when after :slight_smile: