Looking for Blender Buddies

Hello! I am relatively new to Blender and 3D modeling and would like to find a “blender buddy” or two. Someone I can chat with on Skype or something, exchange blend files, renders, tips, talk about things blender and even non-blender related. I am 30/m/US and enjoy programming, drums, and gaming. I can understand a little German, but other than that you will probably have to talk to me in English. Unfortunately I am a pigheaded American who wasn’t taught a second or third language until late in middle school/early high school. Some people might say 3D is another language by itself (my wife being one of those people).

I am an avid indoorsman and this is my attempt to make friends.

send me a friend request on steam, we can model together for some in-game stuff and have fun.

/r/passtheblend has been a bit slow lately. So I may be game for some projects if they’re interesting. I also have plenty of “backburner” projects in perpetual WIP stage, that I may upload if anyone wants to poke around.

Anyhow, similar deal. 'Murican, mit etwas schlecte Deutch o un pequeno miercoles Espanol. (Just enough to grasp at edges, despite taking classes. At least comprehension is easier with reading than speech, as I can set the pace.) No problems with English or Engrish though. (Been online long enough to get the gist of about any broken English writing.) I enjoy messing with 3D stuff in my spare time, but that time is limited to evenings/weekends/holidays as I have to work a day job.

Not exactly new to 3D as a hobby. (Used some other software for years.) But still getting some aspects of Blender down. I often get a kick out of some of the stuff that can be done in Cycles (often trying to eke some procedural out so I don’t have to map and manually texture), despite my computer not exactly being fast at rendering it.

@pauljs75_ what is your day job if you don’t mind my asking? I was a programmer by trade until I had some health issues and had to stop working. I focus the majority of my time now on 3D art and all things computer related.

I’m new to Blender. Sounds interesting to find people perhaps at a similar stage of development. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197983067884 My steam profile.

Hi, I’m pretty new here and I’m also looking for others to learn and work with. Send me a PM. Coincidentally I enjoy programming, guitar/piano and gaming as well.

hi blender buddy. I’ve been on the blender board for 4+ years. I love to animate. I make games for android and work at a game studio and a little store (the store job is for fun) I also try to teach game creation on youtube. I have more fun making games and animating than i do playing them. I am 22. I have 2 degrees and I am working on 3 more. I speak english, spanish, some german, some Ukrainian, and french (I blame the family tree for this). I am mostly a loner…

Are you on Steam or Skype? Send me a PM with your username :slight_smile:

I am on steam and on skype but I don’t like…i have issues with being messaged a lot… (i have issues socializing) PMing my steam name.

Driving for a student transportation company. (Not exactly the job I want, but the job I could get. Apparently I don’t have enough “experience” to get in anywhere in my desired career field.)

The workday is split into a morning run, and afternoon run. You’d think a split schedule like that would be nice. But by the time I get any momentum on any personal projects during the long lunch break, I have to get back to work. So I’ve given up on trying. Obviously no computer time when I’m behind the wheel.

So that’s why this hobby thing would be limited to evenings/weekends. I pretty much have a longer uninterrupted shot at committing to a project and am less likely to lose track.

same here, a small but good quality game/animation would be great to work on

does anybody here texture???

I am building a top down shooter and i need this guy re-textured


ONLY if u are up to it. Its for a web/pc/android game (going to be free)

need the skin to look like this guys…